The Latin Catholic Community No. 1 in number and strength, well knit and well-built in other parts of the world is much down-trodden socially, educationally and economically. More than 80% of this community in Kerala are traditional fishermen, the most-exploited and unorganized section of the Indian Populace. They are very pious and God fearing. But in the socio-political front they are far behind compared to any other community. There was no organisation strong enough to unite this community and to protect their legitimate rights. The official policy of the Church is that the Church will give leadership in the spiritual and ecclesiastical matters, with the support of the laity, and the laity shall take leadership in the socio-political activities with the support of the church. But no strong laity leadership could be moulded till now as the laity organisations are left without any resources to stand on own legs. Realizing the need to unite different organisations and the members of the community and gaining experience from the activities through the organisations like Kerala Latin Catholic Association from its inception, Advocate. A. James fernandes who was one of the founder leaders of KLCA, convened a meeting of the leaders of different organisations of the Latin Catholic and its fishermen, at Thiruvananthapuram Zxaviers Annex Hall on 15.06.1987. his proposal to form Latheen Katholikka Aikya Vedi (LKAV) on National level, All Kerala Latheen Katholikka Aikya Vedi on Kerala State level and International Latin Catholic Unity Centre on international level was unanimously accepted in the State leadership convention. He was elected in the convention.

The first State Convention held at Quilon Town Govt. UPS on 7.8.1988 in which the first state committee was elected. Adv. James Fernandez was unanimously elected president. The bye-laws was adopted by the general assembly. 31 member state committee came into existence with head quarters at Thiruvananthapuram, Quilon, Alleppey, Ernakulam and Kannur. Organising committee were constituted in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and New Delhi State. The organisations goes stead fast into formation of National and International governing bodies. It had grown up fast as a hopeful unity centre for the Latin catholics, the fishermen, other backward communities, minorities and down trodden sections of people.

Akhila Kerala Latheen Katholikka Aikya Vedi, Latheen Katholikka Avakasha Samrakshana samithy. Akhila Kerala Swathanthra Malya Thozhilali Federation, Lathees Katholikka Mukkuva Anjoottikkars Avakasa Samrakshna Samithy. Theeradesa Vikasana Samithy, Roopatha Malsya Vipanana Thozhilali Union, Katholikka Kammalar Samudya Sangham, Latheen Katholikka Rashtreeya karya Samithy and Indian Christian Association are the constituent organisation of Aikya Vedi.

(As per bye-laws adapted on 15.06.1987 and amendments updated)

  • To unite different organisations working for the welfare and upliftment of the Latin Catholic Community and bring the members of the community under an united social fold to strive of common objectives of the community of the state, the nation and the international community of Latin catholics.

  • The foster mutual understanding love and unity among the members of the community and at the same time to strive for patriotism, religious harmony, and national integrity and equip them to contribute more and more for the development of the nation as good citizens of India and better world.

  • To protect the genuine interests of the Latin Catholic Community and the different working classes in the community, and to achieve their legal right through united action and movement by consensus among the different constituent organisations.

  • To make efforts for the occupational, educational, social cultural, economic and spiritual advancement of the community and the working classes, encourage such movements, take up and run economies, educational and social welfare projects and encourage such schemes.

  • To organise other backward - Dalit and depressed classes irrespective of caste or religion and endeavour to protect their constitutional rights by joint action with them., and to reach charitable assistance to all sections of people.

  • To constitute necessary funds to achieve the objectives of the organisation, receive loans subject to the decisions of the organisation from time to time, receive donations and procure or receive properties and assets in the name of the organization.

  • To attain the common objectives, join with the organisations having identical aims and schemes and co-operate with them (Amendment 2003 - " while keeping the identity of this laity confederation and unit centre, co-operate with the church and ecclesiastical organisations for better service to the society").

  • Eventhough this unity centre will not have any party politics or allegiance to any particular political party or political Front, the organisation and its constituent organisations have to stand united as a political pressure group to achieve the common objectives for the community, the basic working classes and other backward Dalit and down trodden sections of people.

  • To enlighten the society against all sorts of exploitation including the exploitations in the name of religious and caste beliefs and faith and discourage the same.

  • To do all other activities conducive to attain the main objectives and other objects as may be decided from time to time.

Our President

Advocate. A. James fernandes

Advocate Practising in the Trivandrum Courts since 1977 in Civil and other branches of Law. Actively involved in dedicated Socio-Cultural Activities since more than 35 years, all over kerala and also in other parts of India . Received "Social Justice Award 1998", for best Social Activities from the  "Center for Social Justice", HO New Delhi. Served as member in the State Fisheries Advisory Board in 1982-86. Lead several movements for the upliftment of down-trodden sections of the society like the traditional Fishermen, the SC/ST and the Backward Classes and the same time joined hands with all sections of people for communal harmony and peaceful co-existence in the state and elsewhere.

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