17-06-2003: 15 th Anniversary
18-06-2003: All Religion Harmony meeting
26-06-2003: Free courses on foreign languages study
28-06-2003: Titanium issue
27-11-2004: Backward-Minority convention contracted by LKAV.
03-02-2005: Call for coastal constituencies
03-08-2005: Tsunami case
03-11-2005: Special convention.
06-11-2005: Call for adequate representation for the community in the local bodies.
06-12-2005: Conference for the formation ani mascrene memorial trust
29-07-2005: Educvational Rights of to community
14-08-2005: Call for adequate representation in the elections.
19-08-2005: Tsunami case
19-08-2005: Against neglecting the community
13-09-2005: Protest against neglect and political appral
24-09-2005: Public Awareness campaign on state level.
10-11-2005: Protect against the taking over the Anni Mascrene Square
30-10-2005: News about facilitations to the elected representation in the localbodies and the candidate meets in Trivandrum Parliament election.
11-08-2005: Gosree issue
14-11-2005: Protest against delay in the arrest of the accused in the Bishop's House case (NTA)
20-11-2005: Assurance by Chief Minister to protect the AnniMascre to protect the Anni Mascrene Square
23-11-2005: Call to UDG to protect the interest of the community
25-11-2005: Call on UDF to redrans grievances of Latin Catholic and Fishermen
19-12-2003 : Representation to central and state government to restor X'mas holydays for the central schools.
02-08-2004 : Secretariat March and Dharna seeking reddresal the grievances of the community.
03-04-2004 : Reply given by BJP on behalf of NDF supporting the demands lof LKAV as per the 10 question.
06-10-2004 : Representation to State Government - reg. Conversation foreign funds received by all religious organisation including Hindu organisation prosecution of the X'an missionaries, preiests and nuns including that act on the X'ans at Trissur, Olavanna in Kozhikkode, Pattoor Church in Trivandrum, murder of rev.Fr.JosephChittilappilli, attack on the Mother Theresa Mission sister's attempt to kill them against the harassment of Government employee of the L.C. Community and their degradation and to get representation to the PSC from the community etc.
09-05-2004 : Reply given by LDF in response to 10 questions (Demandwise) issued by LKAV.
22-09-2004 : Representation to the central and state government for the formation of coastal constituencies.
22-09-2004 : Appeal to the state govt. to prohibit removal of mineral sand and alluvium from the sea-coast without scientific study.
28-09-2004 : Fax to UNO, world leaders and Indian Leaders against usurpation of religious - fantics coming murder of missionaries and priests in India .
07-10-1984 : Simon Nixon appointed as the first pilot from the coast through our efforts and demand felicitated by the organizing committee of LKAV and an asticle on him written by AJF published in Kerala Times, Deepika etc.
16-11-1984 : In memory of Flory and the Fisherman - Article in Kerala Time by AJF.
10-08-1985 : Cross bearing procession and hunger strike by 300 volunteers of LKAV at Kozhikkode to include converted X'mas in S/C list.
06-11-1988 : Leading News regarding restoration of the recognition of Holly Angels School and hence withdrawal of agitation started by LKAV.
28-09-1988 : Leading news regarding the agitation of LKAV to protect Holy Angles school and restore its recognition.
30-09-1988 : News report action against Holy Angles schools by the government is against rules.
16-11-1988 : Appeal to provide the right of schedule caste those who are converted.
15-04-1989 : Massive fast and Dharna before the Secretariat to include the converted X'mas in S/C list.
31-03-1990 : Aggitation stated at Alleppey under Poonkavu Unit of LKAV to protect the Laity Rights as per the decree of II Vetican Council.
01-12-1991 : Charter of Demands submitted to the State Govt.
25-01-1996 : Titanium management and Govt. should implement the assurances - LKAV.
23-02-1997 : Successful coastal bandh to press on reservation and fishermen's demands as called on by LKAV.
31-12-1997 : Indian Independence Golden Jubilee celeberatons and all religion family meeting by LKAV.
03-12-1998 : Appeal to the President of India about the crusification of Christian Mission Activity in India .
23-04-1999 : Presentation of the India about the crusification of Christian Mission Activity in India .
27-01-1999 : Participation LKAV representatives in the meeting of British Afro Asian Solidarity organisation as invited by Sri.Chandrajith Yadav .M.P., Chairman Centre of Social Justice.
29-03-1999 : Intimation from Centre for social justice regarding the selection of Adv. A.James Fernandez for the Social Justice Award for best social activist for 1998.
23-04-1999 : JF President of LKAV presented with a social justice award - 1988 for the best national social activits, at the Bank employees union Hall, Trivandrum
24-09-2000 : Declaration of support of LKAV to SNDP in the agitation against purification ceremony done in the Guruvayoor Temple against to the entrance of the depressed classes.
16-11-2000 : Agitation against TTP's pollution declared
15-11-2000 : to
18-11-2000 :
Titanum certain facts - article in Deepika by AJF in 4 parts
01-10-2001 : Law violating boats should be conflicted.
02-12-2001 : LCs should be given adequate representation in Govt. bodies, corpns, PSC etc and fisherman should be given bonus during X'mas.
28-04-2001 : LKAV welcomes the declaration UDF to constitute coastal development authority which was a long standing demand of LKAVand its constituent organisation. Hence to support the UDF in forth coming assembly election - more seats to be given to LC candidates by UDF than LDF.
10-01-2001 : Foreign trawlerships not to be allowed for fishing in Indian seas.
16-12-2001 : Govt. urged to discuss the Charter of Demand of LKAV - leaders meet at Kollam, Rest House.
28-12-2001 : The innocent are being haunted in Thumba
01-12-2002 : PSC upsets reservation by introducing 20units instead of 100 unit and cause heavy backlogs to OBCs.
02-12-2002 : Reservation rules should be amended.
03-01-2002 : MassHunger stike in front of secretariat to protest police firing 2 times 28-12-2001 at Thumba in which a fishermen was shot dead.
04-10-2002 : Urge the Govt. to include the Mukkuvas and Anjoottikars in the Most Backward Classes as in Tamil Nadu
27-05-2002 : Thumba Firing case Police implicate AJF in false cases and try to arrest him.
15-06-2002 : 14 th State Annual convention.
07-07-2002 : State Special convention at VJT Hall Trivandrum
10-01-2002 : Thumba firing - Police destroys evidence
12-02-2002 : Govt. urged to take action against snatching of LC reservation of false certificates.
01-01-2003 : X'mas New year all religious families get together at Trivandrum
20-02-2003 : Govt. urged to introduce reservation in self financing courses.
22-02-2003 : Legislation for reservation on self financing courses urged by LKAV
27-05-2003 : The Central Govt. urged to constitute the H.C. Bench at trivandrum , and to include the fishermen in the most backward classes.
06-05-2003 : Spl. Recruitment of LCs urged by LKAV.
15-06-2003 : 15 th State Annual convention.
23-06-2003 : Foreign languages free course by LKAV
20-07-2003 : Admission for free foreign languages coaching by LKAV started
16-09-2003 : Karunakaran should change his attitude in Ekm election - LKAV
10-01-2003 : Latin reservation is exploited
22-10-2003 : 9.30 PM Went to invite the head swami of Sreekrishna Ashramam, sasthamangalam, trivandrum to the Mother Theresa convention. But the swami after alittle conversation trued violent and shouted that Mother Teresa was a postulator, she converted Nirmala from Hindusom.
25-10-2003 : Service with live is human duty - Bishop Joshwa Mar Ignatios in LKAVs Mother Teresa convetion
22-11-2003 : Stop discrimination aginst Latin community - LKAV
02-08-2004 : Secretariat march spel.recruitment
13-02-2004 : Rights should not be deprived on conversion - LKAV
14-02-2004 : Reservation should not be surrendered -LKAV
27-02-2004 : Latin Community should become a political Force LKAV
03-05-2004 : LDF gives written assurance to support the issues raised by LKAV.
03-09-2004 : Fat to Mrs.Sonia Gandhi and CM Kerala at Delhi to include Dominic Presentation and Shibu Baby John in the Kerala reconstituted cabonet, with prominent Port folios, news also.
13-03-2004 : L.C. Community can never be treated as Vote Bank - LKAV leader meet.
16-03-2004 : Questionnaire for answer from candidates and parties published and publicity campaign conducted.
17-03-2004 : Prayer meet in monery of Mother Teresa at trivandrum
17-03-2004 : LKAV High Power Committee appeal to UDF and LDF urged to respond to the questionnare given by LKAV
20-03-2004 : Ten questions to parliament candidates.
04-09-2004 : LKAV urge to include Latin Catholic in the Cabinet
15-04-2004 : Even if India brightens,existing light may not be put off, speaker of keralain LKAV convention
15-04-2004 : 16 th Annual State convention - Trivandrum Hotel and VJT Hall, Tvm. The State Irank holder in the blind section Ms.Micheal Raj.S also awarded with gold medal, memonto merti certificate, (To others, 20 gold medals, 20 mementoes, 150 cash awards,1000 merit certificate, as in all years)
16-04-2004 : Speaker gives Asnnie Mascrene Award to OVR in LKAV convention
23-04-2004 : Protest against neglect by UDF in LC candidatership for parliamentelection LDF2, UDF 1
26-04-2004 : LCs wilol react in the erection against neglect.
27-04-2004 : Protest against discrimination in granting pareland bad treatment against LCs even in jail
30-04-2004 : BJP and NDA assures positive action on the demands of LKAV given to central and state govt. in writing
05-07-2004 : Fisheries draft policy not yet finalised
21-05-2004 : Introduce slab system on the income basis for fees in slef financing institutions.
23-05-2004 : Slab system for self finance fees urged by LKAV
25-05-2004 : Slab System should be introduced for self financing tuition fee - LKAV.
06-04-2004 : Annie Mascrene Award to OVR
06-10-2004 : Centre should investigate reli convertions in India .
06-10-2004 : Probe into religious convention
06-11-2004 : Outstanding social activities to be honoured at Kollam on 20 th
19-06-2004 : Latin Catholics should become Political Force - LKAV
05-05-2004 :
07-05-2004 :
Theeradesh Navodhana Yathra by LKAV.
19-07-2004 : Implementation of Narendran Commission report Latin Cathlic our fits to launch stir.
19-07-2004 : Latin Catholics to launch stir on Aug. 2 and photo.
19-07-2004 : Special recruitment LKAV with Church for agitation
26-07-2004 : 2 nd Vimochana Samaram if Justice Nagendran Comm. Report is not implemented - LKAV
08-08-2004 : LKAV gave statement fore Aryadan Sub-committee of KPCC on Narendran Commissiopn's report.
16-08-2004 : If neglect continues, more will be the reaction - latin leaders - LKAV
22-08-2004 : Felicitation to Arch Biship Dr.Maria Susapakiam
26-08-2004 : Delimitation to be as per Mandal recommendation
27-08-2004 : Coastal constituencies should be formed
30-08-2004 : Representation against political neglect of Cong.
20-09-2004 : Withdraw the licence given to avarry mineral send - LKAV
22-09-2004 : Fax to CM for PSC membership to the community
22-09-2004 : LKAV urge to form coastal constituencies
23-09-2004 : Steps to quary Mineral sand stopped
23-09-2004 : Delimitaiton steps taken to the Com. by Govt. - LKAV
27-09-2004 : Strong protest against attack on Nuns.
29-09-2004 : UN requested to interfere in religious persecution in India .
10-09-2004 : Appreciation on including Mr.Dominic in Cabinet
18-10-2004 : All Religion reference to Blessed Mother Teresa under LKAV on 24-10-2003 at Trivandrum .
14-11-2004 : Appeal to the Government to fill the back logs of Latin Catholics in the employment under the 100 days action-plan declared by the Govt. reports in the News Papers.
22-11-2004 : Report of the special convention at Kollam on 20-11-2201 Minister Kutty Ahammed Kutty declared that Muslim League will quite the govt. if special recruitment is not implemented immediately.
12-02-2004 : Assembly should urge cancellation of trawler license LKAV
28-12-2004 : Delimitation Commission of India urged to form Coastal constituencies.
01-05-2005 : Participation in the world even of Boats chain in the sea for Vizhinjam Harbour project
01-09-2005 : Protest against avoiding Latin Catholics.
17-02-2005 : Free legal aid cell formed in the convention held at Tvpm by LKAV./ Adv. Jospeh Edwin (convenor) Adv. K.A. Hassan (Jt.Convenor)
18-02-2005 : Free Legal aid cell constituted by LKAV for Tsunami victims.
26-02-2005 : LKAV against ragging in colleges students suspenses cases registered.
03-09-2005 : Avoiding the Community is suspicious -LKAV
04-09-2005 : Banon Crystal salt should be withdrawn LKAV.
14-04-2005 : First Annie Mascrene Award to Sti.OVR.
21-05-2005 : Govt. submitted accounts on Tsunami relliefs in High Court in the O.P. filed by LKAV
28-05-2005 : Latin Catholic edn. Awards on June 15 th
14-06-2005 : Mineral sand ming - LKAV will oppose
16-06-2005 : Indus Minister obedient to mineral sand lobby - VM Sudheeran in LKAV convention
17-06-2005 : Latin community should improve in education - edn.
21-06-2005 : The forces who sacrified flory neglected fisher folk LKAV
21-06-2005 : LKAV follow equidistance policy
21-06-2005 : Support only on the stand of the candidates - LKAV
28-06-2005 : Discrimination in Plus two edn., Memo to CM
29-06-2005 : Plus one reservation - Latin community forlegalaction
07-07-2005 : Support only to those who solve the issues of the community - LKAV
13-07-2005 : Latin Catholic charge sheeted the Govt. LKAV
23-07-2005 : Latin Catholic leadership Camp. Plus lone reservation of Latin Catholics assured.
25-07-2005 : LKAV office-bearers
25-07-2005 : Will vote for those who protect the Community's interests - Latheen Aikya Vedi
26-07-2005 : Educational reservation will be resumed , Enu.Minister to LKAV
30-07-2005 : President should interfere to repeal the convention law
08-06-2005 : Coastal martyres day on 15 th
14-08-2005 : Support those who help the Latin Community
14-08-2005 : Support to those who help Latin Community.
15-08-2005 : LKAV own candidates if neglected
20-08-2005 : Govt. will implement Narendran Commission Report before 24 th
20-08-2005 : Reservation is usurped -Latin Aikya Vedi
23-08-2005 : Do not Hope to Rule usurping reservation
30-08-2005 : Government cheated LKAV
30-08-2005 : LKAV withdraw support to UDF
30-08-2005 : Govt. cheated - LKAV
09-06-2005 : Latin Catholic convention from 14 th
09-08-2005 : Latin Community will react against neglect
13-09-2005 : LKAV against UDF
24-09-2005 : Nopoli Front conignore the Latin Community
28-09-2005 : Holy Angels - Agitaton begins.
30-09-2005 : Latin Cathlics reaction refelected
12-07-2005 : Steps for Latin Catholic welfare - CM assures LKAV
20-12-2005 : Tsunami Fund Irregularities should be enquired by CBI - LKAV.
28-12-2005 : Millienium All religion family meet conducted.
05-04- : LKAV will strongly react against neglects - articles Mukthi
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